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Welcome to the Healing Feminine! My name is Jenny. I am 29 years old, and I live in rural western Oregon with my husband, Anthony, and our two kids, Jai and Yasmina. We moved out here in the spring of 2011 from Portland, but my roots extend deep into this land.  I grew up here. After having seen the world and experienced life as a city dweller, I am filled with gratitude to be back in my home community, surrounded by forest and rolling pastures. I am filled with gratitude to live a couple minutes' walk down the gravel road from my parents. I am filled with gratitude that the songs of the frogs and the red wing blackbirds are the soundtrack to my life.

This is Yasmina. She is two years old.  Vivaciously sweet, ferociously spirited, she is my silly, nurturing, animal-loving  little girl. Her special powers include causing hearts to melt. Her free spirit has shown me that a parent's role is not to control, but to guide.

We are now going on three years here, and our farm is expanding. The garden itself has grown exponentially since we moved here. Last year, we completely grew all our vegetable needs for the summer and fall and even into the winter. Now, in early spring, we are still eating delicata squash, carrots, beets, lettuce, cabbage, and cucumber pickles from our garden, and [much] more is in the works. The number of our family has also grown - in animals, that is. share our farm with two cats, five chickens, and a wide variety of wildlife. I have many plans to expand our family: more chickens, ducks, sheep, goats and who knows what else? Our goal is to eventually raise all of our own meat, and to feed ourselves year-round out of the garden. We are very close with the garden part. I'm intending this year to make it our truth.

This is Yasmina in our garden last summer. She was about 8 months old. We started the garden from scratch, so last year was just a beginning. This year we are expanding the cultivated space and adding a greenhouse.

Goosey Loosey, Ducky Daddles, and Henny Penny. We eat many more eggs than three hens can provide, which is why we will be expanding our flock this spring. 
This is Foxy Woxy and Cuddles, our two Silkie roosters. They are not as bright as the ladies, but they can crow pretty loud.
This is my beloved kitty Zeus. He roams everywhere with us, and he is a champion mouser. Our other cat is Little Buddha, who is aptly named. He is all black, and with the guidance of Zeus, might also become a good mouser one day.
I have known for a long time that my path in this life is one of healing - healing myself, healing my family, and healing my place here on this earth. I believe this is the way to initiate change and to heal our society and our world: by starting with ourselves and that which we are directly connected to.

This blog is a space for me to share my healing arts with you. For me, that consists of conscious parenting, expression through art, gardening, a relationship with plants, using food to heal, living sustainably and in natural rhythms, and connection with my own inner self (my feminine spirit). I hope that the knowledge I share here with you will inspire you to live a life of healing. And please, let the sharing go two ways: I would love to know the healing ways of your life, too.

May the words you read here in this blog fill you with love and inspiration. May you be open to the blessings I send you, may you receive them and pass them on. May we help change our ways and shift our consciousness. May we all be healers.

I am filled with gratitude that you are here.
My feminine spirit likes to dance

p.s. If you would like to know more about the Healing Feminine, you can read about why I started my blog, my blogging manifesto, my intentions to live through spirit, and how I live my rhythm.

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